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May 27
Tribal Warfare

A little taste of what Tribal wars will be like...
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May 27

Get a form on the events page!
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Feb 1
February Schedule

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Nov 30
December Series: The Biggies

EPIK is kicking off a brand new series called The BIGGIES.  In this series we will be tackling the BIG questions teenagers have about God, faith, religion, eternity and more!
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Oct 31
No Essentials

Essentials will not be meeting at the epicenter Sunday, October 31st. That week, essentials students signed up to serve in child care. We finish our series next Sunday. See ya there!
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Oct 26
Freak Show

Costume Party this week!
Categories are:
Best Overall Costume
Most Creative
Best Group
Lamest Costume

Remember, No scary costumes and keep your costumes appropriate.

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Aug 27
Worship Team Tryouts

Attention all Epik students: We will be having Praise and Worship Team tryouts Sunday, September, 12th at 6:30pm in the Epicenter. Tryouts are open to all Sr. High students 9-12th grade. 

Be prepared to play or sing a song of your choice from the suggested song list posted below. There will be a live band playing with you for the song. This audition is mandatory for any interested students. 

List of suggested songs: 
Lead me to the cross
Draw us near
Here in your presence
Salvation is here

If you have any questions please contact Nathan or Wendi Vreeman at (320)235-7100. Thank you!

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Aug 10
Minnesota Youth Convention

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Jul 1
No Essentials on July 4th

Have a happy 4th everyone!

Here is your reading schedule:
Thur July 1 - Acts 12
Fri - Acts 13
Sat - Acts 14
Sun - Acts 15
Mon - Acts 16
Tues - Acts 17
Wed - Acts 18
Thur - Acts 19

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May 20
This Weeks Bible Reading

Thursday - Luke 24
Friday - John 1
Saturday - John 2
Sunday - John 3
Monday - John 4
Tuesday - John 5
Wednesday - John 6

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May 13
This Weeks Bible Reading

Thursday - Luke 17
Friday - Luke 18
Saturday - Luke 19
Sunday - Luke 20
Monday - Luke 21
Tuesday - Luke 22
Wednesday - Luke 23

Want a reading plan suited more for you. Pick your own at

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Apr 28
This Weeks Bible Reading

Thursday - Luke 3
Friday - Luke 4
Saturday - Luke 5
Sunday - Luke 6
Monday - Luke 7
Tuesday - Luke 8
Wednesday - Luke 9

Want a reading plan suited more for you. Pick your own at

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Apr 7
This Weeks Reading Plan

Thursday - Matthew 25
Friday - Matthew 26
Saturday - Matthew 27
Sunday - Matthew 28, Mark 1
Monday - Mark 2
Tuesday - Mark 3
Wednesday - Mark 4

Want a reading plan suited more for you. Pick your own at

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Mar 19
Bible Reading Plan

For Those of you that missed the reading plan for this week, here it is...
Thursday: Genesis 48,49,50
Friday: Matthew 13,14
Saturday: Exodus 1,2,3
Sunday: Exodus 4,5,6
Monday:Exodus 7,8 Matthew 15
Tuesday:Exodus 9,10,11
Wednesday: Exodus 12,13 Matthew 16

This is a portion of a bible reading plan from
If you are interested in starting your own plan, this is a great site to help you stay consistent in your devotional time. I encourage you to visit the site and create an account. Youversion also offers apps for many phones and will sync with your account and current reading plan.

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Mar 11
EPIK Afterschool

Come hang out with us on Thursdays!
If theres school, theres EPIK afterschool
Start time: When you get out of school.
End Time: 6:00
Bring $3 and get pizza and pop.
No real plan, just hang out and have fun. 

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Jan 28

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Jan 26
Duct Tape Creation Contest

Creations will be judged in these categories:

% of Duct tape used

10 points each, 50 points total

Winning submissions will receive a $50 Target gift card
Submissions will be received and judged on February 3rd

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Dec 20
January Schedule

6  - BURN SERVICE (Combined)
13 - EPIK
20 - EPIK
27 - EPIK

Thursdays After school: 3:00 (when you get out of school) - 6:00

Sunday Morning Services - AG Church
1st Service - 9:00 AM
2nd Service - 10:45 AM

Sunday Night - Growth Groups

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Dec 20
EPIKS Got Talent

Thanks to all those brave souls that participated this year! It was an awesome night! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

See you in January!

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Oct 10
Attitude & Habits

Good habits + bad attitude = effective but no one likes you

Good attitude + bad habits = fun but no one depends on you

Bad habits + bad attitude = everyone avoids you

Good habits + good attitude = respected and admired

Which describes you?

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Sep 25
Finding Balance In Your Life

I was reading through some stuff the other day and came across some great tips I want to pass along to you... Finding Balance in your life, some of these tips will make sense.

#1 - OBSERVE THE SABBATH Take a day and rest. This isn't just a suggestion, Sabbath observance is the fourth commandment. Go to church enjoy God's presence, don't make it a chore or like work where you clock in and then clock out.

#2 - UNPLUG FROM TECHNOLOGY Don't make this a bondage thing... you can live without your technology for a while. Remember distance yourself from the noise of the world for a little bit and focus on God and allow God to speak to you. We can't hear God if there are other noises drowning out His voice.

#3 - GET A HOBBY Take up knitting... just kidding, unless you like that kind of stuff. Work out, ride bike, take a walk, graphic design, video editing something that fuels your passions and doesn't seem like work to you. Volunteer somewhere. Meet new people. Share your love and passion for God with others.

#4 - HAVE BOUNDARIES / STANDARDS / SO BE IT ISSUES You don't need to impress everyone. What are your "So Be It" issues in your life that you won't compromise. You won't bow down to when everyone else is bowing down. How will people see Christ in you? How will you be different.

#5 - STOP PROCRASTINATING You only have this minute in your life once. You only have this day in your life once. You only have this week in your life once. You only have this month in your life once and yes you only have this year in your life once. What are you going to do with the time God has Blessed you with. Yes I said blessed you with. No one knows the time or the hour. We don't know when our life could be done. What do you do every day? How long do we watch TV, How long do we surf the net, how long do we spend looking at our cell phone waiting for it to ring or be texted by someone? What are you putting off until tomorrow that could be done today? Have you spent time with God today? What did His word say?

#6 - PUT YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER What are your priorities and in what order do you place them? Remember Proverbs 3:5-6 to "trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all of your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight". Put God first in all you do... All you do and you won't go wrong. Remember ladies you have heard me say it and I will say it again that if that guy you are with does not love God more than you, your relationship is doomed and won't be blessed, and guys that goes the same way around.

#7 - SEEK COUNCIL Don't go about things alone. Pray about decisions you need to make. Seek wise council as well. You are not meant to be an island on your own. Seek a trusted friend and adviser, a pastor or someone you look up to. A word of advice, make sure this person loves God with all of their heart. If they do, they are going to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

#8 - CREATE A BUDGET What? Budget? What do you mean? I will tell you! Are you tithing? Are you giving to Missions [Speed The Light]? Are you spending wisely or foolishly? The Bible talks much about money cause money is important and if you don't know what you are doing, you will get yourself into trouble... seek advise on this as well. Priorities are important on this issue as well.

#9 - GET PERSPECTIVE Sometimes it's hard to examine ourselves to find areas of fault or weakness, and denial is one of the key factors that stops people from identifying and then dealing with their issues. This goes along with Seek Council... have people who can speak into your life and again tell you what you need to hear, not what you want. A few minutes of honest dialogue may seem uncomfortable, but it will give you a valuable outside view of your life and help you in bettering it.

#10 - READ THE BIBLE / PRAY / SPEND TIME WITH GOD DAILY Saving the best for last but this should be first... In the Senior high we give out red cards and that has a key verse to memorize for each week and a Bible reading plan. I am proud of all of you who are putting God's word to memory and living it out. Too often we let other things take priority in our life and become idols, to which we sacrifice relationships and time with God. Taking time to study God's Word, to pray and to be in fellowship with other believers helps put our focus on God and to put all other things in their proper place as important parts of our lives but not the reason to live. God should be first in all we say and do.
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Sep 17
MYC09 - Youth Convention

October 15-17 is almost here.  MYC09 - Youth Convention.  Save the date, save your money and invite friends.  This will be a time you won't want to miss.  Go to the events portion of this site and check out further details.

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Sep 16
5 Questions Real Friends Should Ask Each Other

A smart person is known by the good questions he or she asks.  When Jesus was 12 years old, He was found in the temple asking questions of the teachers of the law.  Here are 5 questions that good friend should ask each other.
1.  How can I be a better friend to you?
2.  Are there any traits, attitudes, or actions you see in my life that hinder my success?
3.  What gifts and characteristics do you recognize as strengths in my life?
4.  How can I pray for you at this time in your life?
5.  What has God shown you in His Word lately?

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Youth Convention